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Tatum Sherman: Networking Tips for Job Seekers

Tatum Sherman is the founder of Resource Referral, a corporate staffing company that has helped many people find employment. Tatum Sherman believes in professional networking as a way of forging strong relationships that can lead to jobs or open doors for other career-related opportunities.

Although networks usually grow slowly as one makes progress through their career, the existing economic conditions coupled with competition for vacant positions necessitate accelerated networking especially for individuals still searching for their first job. Here are some pointers on how you can forge strong employment networks.

Develop a Personal Elevator Speech

If you were to find yourself in the same elevator with an employer you have been trying to meet for a while, what would you tell them? Well, many people would fail to seize such an opportunity and create a lasting impression. For this reason, it is always advisable to come up with a short, compelling description of who you are, what you do and your plans that can be conveyed in just a few seconds. It should be short, honest and focused. You can memorize it and tweak it a little, depending on the occasion.

Use Social Media and Other Professional Websites to your Advantage

Online platforms can be very effective when trying to nurture a professional relationship. LinkedIn in particular is one of the online platforms that you can use to stay in touch with people you have met, sell your brand, and even establish new connections. You can even post your CV online, for all to see. You never know when it rains!

Tatum Sherman strongly advises job seekers to network widely.

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